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Questions, Answers & Campaign Contact

What are the origins of Hamilton for All?

Hamilton for All builds on similar campaigns Toronto for All and Ajax for All. Hamilton for All is rooted in local needs and encourages both awareness and taking action.

Who are the people in the posters?

The posters feature models. The project steering committee was concerned that featuring local individuals in the campaign might pose risks to their safety, security, and privacy. 

What communities are featured in the posters?

The groups chosen to be featured are those that statistically experience the highest levels of discrimination in Hamilton according to recent Hate Crime data and Discrimination surveys.

  • Indigenous peoples 
  • Black and racialized persons
  • Religious minorities or those experiencing faith-based discrimination 
  • People from the 2SLGBTQ+ community 
  • Newcomers, immigrants and refugees
  • People with disabilities 

Hamilton for All posters aims to affirm that all individuals and communities deserve to belong in Hamilton. Posters are also meant to reflect intersecting identities and all ages.

How were the posters created?

The posters were created by Unicorn Rebellion, a local branding agency with particular expertise in diversity and inclusion. Project Lead Chris Farias also designed the original Hamilton for All campaign in 2017 and considers the current campaign to be an expansion of the original vision.

Can my community be featured in a future campaign?

There are many groups in Hamilton experiencing discrimination or exclusion. This campaign is a start-off point to communicate that they are an integral and important part of Hamilton. 

Unicorn Rebellion can be retained for the creation of additional posters, further expansion of Hamilton for All as well as for similar, separate campaigns.

How can I support the campaign?

How can I add my logo?

Great question! The logos on this site are limited to the founding organizations of the campaign, but our friends over at the Anti-Hate Toolkit site feature the logos of organizations that sign the Belonging Pledge.

Who was involved in developing the campaign?

There are many individuals and groups that have contributed to Hamilton for All. Final decisions were made by a smaller steering committee representing several organizations and groups in Hamilton. Members brought expertise in anti-racism and anti-oppression practice, community initiatives, immigration, discrimination barriers and had lived experiences as women, racialized and religious minorities, 2SLGBTQ+, and Indigenous peoples. Membership includes:

  • Chelsea Kirkby
  • Clare Freeman
  • Cole Gately
  • Gachi Issa
  • Greg Tedesco
  • Hugh Tye
  • Koubra Haggar
  • Lyndon George
  • Natasha Hernandez
  • Sandi Bell
  • Sarah Wayland

Were community groups consulted during the campaign development?

Several rounds of community consultation informed this campaign: 

Summer 2022: HIPC and partners sent out broad invitations to general public and targeted community groups to attend community consultations to get their input on what a new campaign should feature and focus on. Feedback was incorporated into the Community Listening Session Report (2022) which provided a direction and objectives for the campaign. 

Spring 2023: Steering committee members presented plans for the campaign to four Advisory Committees to Hamilton City Council (LGBTQ+, Immigrant and Refugee, Seniors, and Persons with Disabilities). Their feedback was incorporated. 

Presentations to boards of Hamilton Immigration Partnership Council and Hamilton Anti-Racism Resource Centre. 

April 2023: community preview event was held to collect feedback from broader community on campaign goals, visuals, etc. 

Is this campaign brand new? It seems familiar.

The current Hamilton for All builds on a similar campaign in 2017. The 2017-2018 campaign used bus shelter advertisements and other physical displays to raise awareness about newcomers, immigrants and refugees. It was a project of Hamilton Immigration Partnership Council and Hamilton Centre for Civic Inclusion.

What are the poster elements?

diagram showing the elements of the poster

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